27th April 2015

Friends of Nursery Row Park

Meeting Notes 27/04/15

Attendees: Roger, Katie, Alvin, Allen, Nicole, Jon, David, Luke; apologies Jim, Steph, Jim

Future of Community Orchard

Group agreed following discussion to work towards a regenerated orchard which

  1. Keeps half the area dense as a home for wildlife
  2. See how we can create a walkway through the site, perhaps from the inside corner.
  3. Trim the edges – keep low, perhaps review options to lay it as a hedge
  4. Keep area devoted to the orchard the same size as now
  5. Use fruit as educational resource for the primary school teaching project
  6. Review options for removing non-fruiting plants, or plants with inedible fruit

In parallel, planting a vine on the girders was supported.


Noted excessive costs quoted by BT for phone box removal (£3k for abandoned box, £8k for functioning box). There was concern that they are used for drug deals and Luke will pick this up with Southwark project manager. There was support for cleaning of drain to remove puddle that pigeons drink from and painting of the electricity supply boxes.


June 6th Liverpool Grove event, FoNRP to have a stall, volunteers wanted [pre-meet pth May 6-8pm)

FoNRP June 13th Event (1-5pm) will have Surrey Docks Farm animals, a bee hive with bees, and clay play tent, face painting and acoustic music.

KT outlined the event proposed (subject to grant funding) for sat 1st August – working with Mulberry Centre in Deptford and to have a fashion show,  food stalls, dancing and much more.

Sunday 27th September FoNRP haystack event with The Challenge organisation volunteers.


Majority vote for early start for workdays, suggested 10am to 2pm on the last Saturday of the month.


Dog fouling

Luke to raise with Southwark whether there can be some signs in the park or entrances to indicate the fines for dog fouling.

Group to investigate whether we can organise another dog show this year [Sept event?]

Antisocial behaviour – Luke to check with council whether drinking alcohol is permitted in the park.

Market – agreed that we should work with SAST to develop a wider plan for enhancements to the market and park