16 June 2014

Attendees: David, Nina, Jon, Celia
Green Flag:
  • Judges were impressed
  • There may be a possible comment about security in feedback
  • We should have a decision as to whether we’ve been awarded the Green Flag by mid July

The meeting thanked Nina for all her hard work and support.

(Nina stated that The Guinness Trust erected the new hoardings to cover the collapsed wall at East Street end).
Education Project 
  • This is going very well. David has emailed Ella to ask for updated blog posts to go on the website
Surrey Docks Farm event, Sunday 22nd June
  • All elements in place, thank you Jon
  • Set-up at 11.00am
  • Nina to ask Catch a Fire (BBQ) if they can attend (actually in A.O.B.)
Date for AGM – will need to organise a date by email
A.O.B – see above.