29 April 2013

Attendees: Laura (Chair), Celia, David (minutes), Nicole, Jasmine, Monika, Kate, James, Jim, Steph, Jim

1. Update on Tree Protection Orders of mature plane trees by the Crown Pub
Celia, Nicole, David, Jim meeting Oliver Stutter in the park Tuesday April 30th 2013. Nicole read out report from Inspector Keith Manning (25th July 2011) saying that trees should not be removed should any development take place. Need to find out why the Brandon Street trees weren’t made priority when others in the borough were. Have there been objections raised against our TPOs.

2. Update on education project & after school gardening club
• 17th May for the Lend Lease PR photoshoot opportunity. As listed below, let’s aim to get the herb bed ready as the activity featured in the photo. I’ll be in touch about what the Friends will try to do – please go ahead and order the plants.

• 7th June to top up boxes at bottom of girders. The idea would be to purchase compost from Roots & Shoots on the day (approx 10 bags in total) on the day. 8 will be topped up by the Friends, we’ll leave 2 for Sue.

3. Update on CGS bid and Elephant and Castle fund
• The fund runs out at the end of this year. We are not sure at time of writing whether we got the CGS fund for this year. If so we can extend the project and bring the Play Rangers into the park.

• Elephant and Castle Community Fund
The Fund will support a range of activities which are of benefit to local residents in the Elephant and Castle Opportunity Area, and the community as a whole.
The main purpose of the Fund is to support projects rooted in the geographic area which are led by local residents, and promote community engagement and action. Within this context, priority will be given to projects addressing the following themes:
Further education, skill building, training and entrepreneurship
Arts and culture
Supporting older residents
Closing Date: Completed applications to be received by 31st May 2013 by 5pm.
• Will either apply for extension of Education project or Mosaic project with Creative Sparkworks

4. Update on park works – replacement trees, pathway
• Quercus robur, Common Oak
• Castanea sative, Sweet Chestnut

Temporary new pathway by Orb St has been completed.
Jim noted a puddle that forms in a section of the path. Agreed to take photos and then to advise Parks re replacement.

5. Update on upcoming events
*Jasmine showed the poster she’s designed

SPRING – Saturday 1st June – Bee theme
• Music (The May Birds); art exhibited by education project (Sue Amos); planting – bee friendly seeds; Southwark FOE. Dr. Bike or similar TBC
• Barnaby Bees: bee hive and info etc. of £200 inclusive plus the £40 vehicle hire (free parking in the Stead St car park on Sat)

Logistics for the event. David and Laura not available. Who is?
Things to do: refreshments (Jim & Nicole); set-up (starting 11.30); helping Sue with activities. James will ask friends if they can help.

AUTUMN – Change in date: Saturday 28th September– scything, apple day

6. Feedback from workday & additional workday on Sunday 12th May (herb bed clear up)
Thank you’s to all who came out – it was great! Check out our blog post:

7. AGM prep
Laura explained that the below new proposed structure of task delegation feeds into where the Friends group is at (in terms of its size); and the impending population increase in the area (Phase 1 and Stead Street developments). She has proposed that each volunteer considers a task they would be keen to work on. Each ‘Role’ would be responsible for delegating particular tasks and share the duties amongst the whole group.

Action: all to think about what they would be interested in and contact Laura directly prior to the AGM.

AGM  roles

8. AOB
London Orchard Project – Orchard Leaders training May 16th, 6:30-9:00, City Hall. All welcome! To sign up, go to

Next meeting: AGM Tuesday 28th May, 2013, 7pm
Special Workday: Sunday 12th May, 10:30am