Nursery Row Park’s new play area is ready!

Nursery Row Park’s new play area is ready!

29 April 2010 – The latest improvement to Nursery Row Park is to be officially opened on Saturday May 8th by Ro Shannon, who ran the Browning Festival during the 1990s. The new play area is guaranteed to appeal to children of all ages throughout East Walworth.

The new play areas in the park are designed to stimulate children’s’ imagination, while offering all the advantages of the latest design in play equipment. Features include Tipis, a new “maypole-style” double swing, sculpture, climbing equipment and even reclaimed trunks from Plane trees that, until very recently, stood on Brandon Street just around the corner but had to be removed for housing development. Southwark’s Play Service will then be providing supervised play every Wednesday afternoon throughout the summer as part of their Play Ranger project.

The launch, which is free to all, will include supervised games using the new equipment, plus a live dance performance from students at Superarts Theatre academy in Larcom St and a range of other attractions. The event runs from 1300 to 1700 on the 8th May, with the official opening scheduled for 1400 and the dance performance shortly after this.

The fund originates from Play England who support local authority Playbuilders and Play Pathfinders, and is administered by the Southwark council. The programme is a major part of the national Play Strategy, launched in April 2008. Under this programme, children across the country will get 30 new and exciting adventure playgrounds and up to 3,500 new or refurbished play areas. Nursery Row Park is one of the first beneficiaries, enabling the Friends group to realise their goal of providing engaging play facilities for children beyond toddler age.

More information on the fund can be found on the Play England website: