Stead Street development

Stead Street development

The Stead Street development is now in full swing. The developers have hoarded off the development which means some areas of the park are temporarily blocked off.

Following our representations, the developer is going to be piling right up against the current car park wall (alongside our hedge) to try to protect parts of the hedge. However they have been unwilling to agree to protect the hedge in totality and much will be lost. The wall is to be incorporated into the development itself, so the new building will be right up against our park for much of the boundary, and this will inevitably bring changes.

The developer has committed to replacing any damaged planting, including our wonderful wildlife hedge, and we will be watching them like hawks to make sure they do. They have also committed to looking after the new planting for three years, something we will also be monitoring. Please help us monitor the works and let us know what you see.

The hoarding will be in place during most or all of 2015. We hope the eventual new residents of the development will love Nursery Row Park as much as we do.