12 May 2014

Attendees: Jon (Chair), Laura, David, Jim R, Nicole, Stephanie, Jim, Ella, Kathleen

1. Education project update

Ella and Kathleen summarised the education project funded by CGS funds for classes in the park with Robert Browning and St Johns primary schools each Tuesday in the park, plus the after school club in the park on Thursdays until the term finishes at the end of July.

Themes for the classes are focused on planting, sensory observation, leadership and respect. Class sizes are up to 30 children with additional supervision from each school’s teaching staff,

Planting ideas are sunflowers, green beans and sweet peas, with suggested locations at the base of the girders and along the bed by the wall to Brandon Street.

2. Green Flag application

Judges are visiting Nursery Row Park on the morning of Wednesday June 11th. Fingers crossed! Success would be a great achievement for the park.

Action: all to assist with litter pick and clean on the morning of the 11th (and/or previous evening). Southwark Parks have negotiated hoardings to be put up alongside the broken wall by East Street.

3. Events

Surrey Docks Farm are visiting Nursery Row Park now on 22nd June [post meeting change from 21st due to diary clash at the Farm.)

Apple Day is confirmed for 27th September – and we are delighted to be working again with The Challenge Organisation and their volunteers this year who will be helping us with a range of great activities related to apples, the meadow and autumn

4. Stead Street development and update on hedge and construction management plan

The Friends met with Hills on the morning of 12th May (the construction managers for the Stead Street development) and produced a revised plan. They have committed not to touch the orchard (consistent with the terms of their planning agreement, but a change from their initial plan). Two sections of hedge are to be spared as well, but the works apparently require the removal of half of the laid section of hedge. This is because the new building has been badly designed to reach right up to the park itself, without thought to the border with the park. We will be explaining the impact of this to the planning committee who gave approval.

Hills have subsequently committed to replacing the hedge with semi-mature coppiced stock, and looking after it for 5 years – including watering. The soil in which the new hedge will be planted will be replaced with John Innes no 3 loam.

 5. AOB

The plaque reflecting our Fields in Trust status will be fixed to the entry posts at Orb Street.

Next meeting will be Monday 16 June, 7pm, 67 Balfour Street.