23 September 2013

Attendees: Jon (Chair), Laura, David, James, Jim R, Allen, Nicole, Rhiannon (The Challenge)

1. Laura Kim

Laura has formally stepped down as Chair due to other commitments.  Going forward, Jon will be Deputy Chair until the AGM in the spring of 2014.  David remains as Treasurer and Luke as Secretary.  We all thank Laura for her excellent contribution!

2. Plans for Autumn / Winter

Proposed to have one more meeting this year – 11 November 2013 and then meet again in 2014.  Laura has suggested that we have casual workdays as and when needed.  Emails will be sent out when this occurs.  Orchard could use some work in the winter as well as the hedge.

3. Update on school and Play Ranger programme for 2014

Meeting was held with St Johns Primary and they are quite keen to be involved in the Education project.  Sue Amos is also open to returning.  Next sessions will begin in spring 2014.

Play rangers are in the park Tuesday afternoons until October half term.  This is currently being funded by the QEII/Fields in Trust fund via Nina (LBS).  During these afternoons, Sue also conducts gardening club.

4. Apple Day planning – 28 September 1-5pm

Rhiannon has offered a team of 60 volunteers made up of young people as part of the Challenge to run some separate stalls and help with the event.  Thrilled to have them on board!

Next meeting will be Monday 11 November, 7pm.