24 June 2013

Present: Celia (chair), Stephanie, Jim, Nicole, Sue, Kate (notes)
Apologies: Laura, David, Luke, John, James

1) Workday Saturday 29 June
The work day will involve moving daffodils in the bed along Brandon Street, the daffodils are too crowded at the moment and need to be moved. Jim R will be leading from 11.00-13.00.

2) Dog fouling campaign
On 06 July the council will have a stall on East Street market, along the park boundary, with information about dog fouling and dog poo bags. The stall will be from 9.30-17.30 and manned by the council. Any friends who are available between 12.00 and 16.00 please pop along to support the stall and mention the possibility of a ‘flag the poo’ campaign to the council. The stall could provide a good opportunity to gather names of dog walkers who may promote using bags, Celia will email Nina.

3) Education project and after school club
The weather has now improved and the meadow is looking great. Recent activities have included bee spotting, making bee houses from tins and hanging them in the orchard, a tree trail and a wild flower trail. Celia will remind Nina about dog fouling removal before the education project and after school club. Activities usually take place around the hedgerow areas. Next year’s activities could potentially take place from the end of October but weather would not be suitable over winter.

4) Upcoming events
Love Parks event is planned with Surrey Docks mobile farm on 04 August. There will be face painting and Sue will run a craft activity. Help is required for setting up and clearing away. Celia will be around and Nicole will help with refreshments. Celia will email around times.

5) Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge
Some work will need to be carried out in the area by the Crown pub as part of the grant to open up the entrance on Brandon Street. This will involve removing the cherry tree, another tree which is leaning heavily and very close to others and another which is leaning and forked. The timber should be retained for beetle banks and wood piles.
Celia will email Luke to see if there has been any progress with the new owner of the Crown pub regarding the tree protection orders.

6) AOB
Baby birds in the lime tree have now left.