25 February 2013

Present: Laura (chair), Nicole, Monika, Gary (Rodney Rd TRA), Kate, James, David (minutes)
Apologies: Jim Rossiter, Luke, Jon

1. Events: themes and dates
SPRING – Saturday 1st June – music (The May Birds?), art (ask InSpire?), planting – suggested to have a Dr Bike or similar (ask Crampton St bike club?)

SUMMER – Sunday 4th August – Surrey Docks mobile farm, crafts, games?
*in conjunction with the Love Parks Week 27 July – 4 Aug

AUTUMN – Saturday 28th September – scything, apple day

*Have been approached by organisers of the Charlie Chaplin Festival. They will be applying to screen some films in the park on the 20th April, 11am-3pm

2. Update on Education Project
David gave an overview of this; made it known that Sue has suggested that if one of the Friends could help volunteer on a session, due to the demands of the size of the group that would be much appreciated. Kate has volunteered.

3. Update on path condition by Orb St.
Luke received an email from a local resident concerned with the condition of the path near the Orb Street entrance. Since then we’ve notified Nina (LBS Parks) and she stated the following:

The condition of the path in this area has been identified as a priority by the Parks team in our Park Investment Strategy. Ideally we would like to resurface the whole path and that’s why we’re trying to secure capital funds for this expensive work.

We have got a quote for the area that needs resurfacing (it is borderline in terms of the strict definition of a trip hazard but we decided that this cannot wait for major works/funds). In a nutshell we cannot afford this this financial year but this will be first thing on our list so the works should take place in April.

The other updates I wanted to send before your meeting was regarding wood chip for the orchard area. Yes, we can supply and deliver fresh mulch on site if you wanted to organise this.

And I mentioned before I was looking at removing the redundant hard surface/paving next to the girders. This is happening mid-March.

4. AOB
a. Guinness meeting in the park with aborculturalist – see Appendix 1 summary

b. Upcoming workdays and meeting dates 2013
• 25th March
• 29th April
• *Tuesday 28th May – AGM
• 24th June
• 29th July
• No August meeting due to bank holiday
• 30th September
• 28th October
• 25th November

• 23rd March – top up planters at the bottom of the girders; plant in herb bed
• 27th April – mulching the orchard?
• None in May
• 29th June
• 27th July
• None in August
• 28th September
• 26th October
• 30th November

c. Creative SparkWorks –
• Laura suggested to make the Nursery Row sign a mosaic and contributed to by the surrounding TRAs
• Maybe get them to come to one of our events to do a taster

NEXT WORKDAY: 23RD MARCH (moved date due to Easter bank holiday)



Appendix 1 – Summary notes from meeting 20/02/2013 written by Laura
In attendance: Sam, Julie Greer, Ivan (arboculturalist – Crowne Trees –, 2 x architects, Laura & Celia

Walked through exact locations of the buildings and 2 x courtyards and how it’ll affect the hedge.

Firstly it was clarified that:
1. the retaining brick wall is going to be removed and that they will build right to the end of the outside line of that brick wall.

2. in order to build so close, they will go beyond the hedge line to excavate and create a concrete foundation and then will need to slope the earth downwards to the building. Once they patch things up again, they will not have taken any extra land over the council line but will have done so underneath the ground.

3. Guinness will not allow us to keep the existing line of the hedge because the plants will be too close to the edge of the building.

Because of point 2, it will definitely affect the hedge in several ways. We agreed the following (and Ivan will send a report with the same findings to Sam):

A. The section where the 1st courtyard will be (where the car washers usually work), a line of 1.2M from the line of the wall and inwards into the park will affect the hedge. Anything beyond the 1.2M, they will try to retain. This means that anything beyond that 1.2M will need to be protected within the hoarding.

B. The 2nd courtyard (which is by the original hedge planted by Ro Shannon and laid with BTCV) will have a line of 0.5M from the line of the wall and inwards into the park (this is possible because the courtyard will be the same level as the ground and is actually quite low). Anything within the 0.5M border will be cut down to ground level and that side of the hedge will be pruned hard to allow workers’ access in the area. In this particular area, Ivan thought that as the hedge is so well established in this section, the root systems would be so strong they would retain a lot of soil even after the retaining wall was removed. Hence at least some of the heavily coppiced stools may regenerate. He also stated that it must be hand dug to ensure care to retain that piece of hedge. The hedge will also be protected within the hoarding.

C. Any section where a building will be, they can’t say exactly how far they need to excavate but it will definitely be more than 1M. Most likely that means all of the hedge will not be retained. Realistically we’re looking at 2M+. They need to put in solid foundations and scaffolding.

After the meeting Celia and I discussed doing a proper and detailed survey of the hedge as soon as the budding begins to ensure we have our own record especially given Guinness have asserted that they can/will provide funds etc to replace like for like. I believe Jim Rossiter has offered his help and I’m sure both David and I can volunteer as well. I’ve asked Celia to keep us updated on this.

Also, to clarify the pruning of the tree in the orchard on the Stead St side, it’s only slight pruning so the tree is not damaged when the hoarding is put up. At the moment the hoarding is allocated to be placed on the wall but the architect thought it would be do-able to put it on the pavement level. If that happens, it will have to be higher than 2M to ensure no one can jump over and may only affect a few branches.

The hoarding was also discussed briefly. I’m pretty sure they will not put in mesh due to their own security concerns however they talked about observational panels and artwork on the outside especially facing into the park.