28 January, 2013

Present: Nina Chantry, Jim, Steph, Nicole, Richard Reese, Sue Amos, James Smith, Kate, Jasmine, Katia, Darren Merrill, Richard Reynolds, David (chair)
Apologies: Luke, Jon, Laura

1. Update on education project with Robert Browning Primary School from Sue Amos.
Sue gave a very enthusiastic summary of her sessions with the children in the Park. In short it’s clear that they value, at a very simple level simply enjoying the space that the Park offers. Collecting and throwing leaves was very popular and with lots of creative activities designed by Sue, she reported that they have been known to ask “can we do the running again?”; Sue brought in photos of some of the activities including a recent one of seed bombs that the children made. Sue reported that dog poo and drinkers both have a direct affect on the activities and it’s very hard to say exactly where they’ll be in the Park because of both of those factors.

2. Update from Jasmine & Katia (graduates of London College of Communication) on their work to develop our leaflets, website, videos, and newsletters for Nursery Row Park
Jasmine: the underlying principle to Nursery Row’s ongoing promotion is to position it at the heart of a connected community (David’s words). We are now active on Twitter (James & Kate found out about us through Twitter!); Jasmine is working on the production of a newsletter, which may come out twice a year. It would be DL size (1/3 of A4). Meeting felt that distributing hard copies would be very important (Richard Reese pointed out that Walworth has relatively low internet usage). Suggested to place in: Tesco, Morrisons, library (community noticeboards).
Suggestion from Richard Reese – to develop a Walworth Day (similar to Camberwell Day, which was very successful).
Katia: Website described as a kind of educational archive of the park and Friends Group; aiming to have a template ready in a month; there would also be an Events page which will be interactive. Katia is considering building in a Twitter feed on the site. A professional website is seen to be useful in terms of presenting future grant applications for example, showing the professional and ongoing nature of the work the Friends and their supporters are doing. Southwark Life was suggested as an alternative to those without the web. Katia also updated on the film she is making. It will be 7-8 minutes long and she is currently collecting material, interviews, e.g., conversations with Naseem, with former students and tutors of LCC who kick started the project. Katia also hopes to speak to a representative from Southwark council. The film will, she hopes, encapsulate the various and varied ways in which the Park features as part of the area’s life and how the community feel about it.
Suggested that a launch for the film/website could be at a Community Council meeting. This would also promote upcoming (i.e., summer) events.

3. Plan and agree dates for events this year to give us time for publicity and to include in a 2013 leaflet for wide circulation (opportunity to have another corporate volunteer team in through the Involve project).
• No dates actually planned (although Chair suggested we’d still look at Spring, Summer, Autumn)
• Richard Reynolds suggested being part of a Capital Growth event, The Big Dig on March 16th. He also pointed out that it’s the 2nd year of the Chelsea Fringe.
• Sue Amos suggested Love Parks which runs from July 27th – August 4th as a focal point; in terms of corporate 2 projects: Habitat Walls (at East Street Market end – although Nina foresaw problems with this due to rebuild of collapsed wall); a woodland pathway through the Orchard
• Richard Reese again mentioned Walworth Day which we’d need to collaborate on to make happen – would be a good opportunity to have lots of people from a wide range of groups

4. Update on the Stead Street development and impacts on Orchard and Hedge, and working with the Guinness Trust (the developers) to encourage the involvement of future residents in the park
David summarised the situation: that there was a meeting held in the Park with representatives of FoNRP, the Council and Guinness (the developers); that we were presented with the fact, at that meeting, that the hedge would indeed need to be removed; that we discussed with Rachel Jackson the council’s tree officer the replacement of the 2 trees and possible locations (see Appendix 1 for further information); that there were reassurances then from Chris Cook (Service Development Manager – Parks & trees) that in the future there would be transparent communication on any further issues affecting the park; Darren Merrill commented on the fact that the hedge would be replaced like for like and reconfirmed that the developer would care for it for three years. (David thanked him for his support of the Friends over the destruction of the hedge as well as the proposed hoardings around the new Stead Street development.)

5. Current and future grant applications and how we can build on the project with Robert Browning Primary
• Suggestions made for future grant applications: The Big Lottery Fund
• Tesco grant for children (closes Jan 31st!)
• Can Do (but not this round looking at the dates for applying)
Sue suggested having a Lantern Festival (similar to Rimington Park?) where the children could make their own Lanterns and then parade them through the park for Hallowe’en.

6. AOB
Proposal from Rosie Dalton-Lucas (Health & Wellbeing Manager, Southwark Public Health Department) to use NRP as possible long-term/permanent site for Sculptures connected with ‘5 ways to Wellbeing’. Meeting expressed interest and Luke has since followed up with Rosie to take this forward.

On 10 December 2012 16:01, Jackson, Rachel wrote:
Good afternoon all,
Thank you for meeting this morning, I think it was productive and clarified things. I know the group this morning would like to share details and information. I have prepared a new map of proposed locations. The purple dot was the discussed Oak location and pink was not discussed species location.
Oak species I’d recommend to try to add an autumn feature to the park
– Quercus palustris, Pin Oak
– Quercus rubra, Red Oak
The Common Oak does not have autumn colour
Quercus robur, Common Oak
Some suggestions for the other location
– Castanea sativa, Sweet Chestnut
– Juglans nigra, Black Walnut
– Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia
Regarding the fruit trees they will have to go in at 16-18cm girth as they cannot be planted at the large sizes because they will be almost half way through their life if planted at that size. The Mulberry has a much longer life expectancy but it still cannot be planted at a large size.
– Morus nigra, Mulberry
– Malus Evereste, Crab Apple
– Prunus x yedoensis, Yoshino Cherry
Please let me know if you have questions or comments.
Kind regards,
Rachel Jackson
Arboricultural Officer Southwark Council

Parks & Open Spaces
Environment and Leisure
PO BOX 64529
London SE1 5LX