30th October 2017

Friends of Nursery Row Park – Meeting MINUTES 30.10.17


Present: Ghislaine Granger (Secretary), Jim Rossiter, Luke Miller (Treasurer), Stephanie & Jim Lodge, (Apologies Jo Skelton, Jon Dennison, David Curtis, Nicole Beedell, David Naylor)



Jo Skelton had planned to attend, but couldn’t. He is invited to our next meeting and Luke will be in contact with him, so it would be useful to know from local residents what anti-social behaviour they would like to report beyond what we already know: where it is mainly taking place, when…

Ghislaine mentioned people playing with fireworks, some in a dangerous manner.

Luke thinks some people had been sleeping in the orchard area, but as a one-off.

Luke will ask Jo to come next time and ask if they are planning regular rounds, and how we can most efficiently report incidents.


We have been awarded a grant of £12k for new play equipment to replace the very popular two-person maypole swing, which cannot now be maintained. The initial equipment considered to replace the pole with a similar but maintainable facility was metal and considered ugly and out of keeping with the Plane trees, and there are 4 identical facilities nearby (Bronte Close), and it was very expensive to install.

We agreed instead to ask for a wooden climbing structure.

We will work with the project manager to agree where the siting should be (in the same site as where pole was? – this may be required in order to not to have to replace the ground treatment)


Nursery Row Park is included in the draft plan going to Cabinet and (hopefully) for formal public inquiry next year as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC), and also re-zoning the norther part of the park as open space and not housing land as now. This is great news and will also mean if successful the entire park is designated as Borough Open Land, a category with more protection than the current Other Open Space.

More information here:


FYI: plans to improve the green space on Morecambe St / Browning Street are being developed by sculptor Sokari Douglas-Camp who is looking into turning it into a community garden, and to display temporary artwork including sculptures.


Nursery Row Park is the only park nominated in SE17 (and SE1!):Voting closes Friday 3/11.


2 site visits took place with Greg from IDVerde at Burgess Park, who advised against trying to replicate the kind of meadow planting they have done there as it is high maintenance. Instead we propose to keep some of what is there, and instead plant grass, with some specimen fruit trees, etc…

A Winch House resident has helpfully made some excellent recommendations for planting and we intend to start implementing this on the next working day on 25/11.


Next meeting on 27/11.